Protective Mist® Micro Spray Disinfectant

protective mist against viruses and bacteria

Protective Mist is the first patented, safety proved and dermatological tested under-pressure product witch has confirmed technology against viruses and bacteria.

Combination of plant-origin ethanol, benzalkonium chloride and rosemarinic acid kills viruses and bacteria in seconds.

Innovative composition of ingredients is not only killing viruses, but also taking care about your skin by regenerating it.

Under-pressure bottle is a practical form of spraying it on your skin, clothes, air and even inaccessible surfaces (where bacterias and viruses can hide) by creating suspension in the air. It also helps to keep all ingredients active.

Protective Mist can be easily taken to bag and pocket. Size and formula is allowed on airplanes.

coslab developed The CosLab laboratory has developed an effective, active disinfection system that is design for both individual and professional use. Solution is fast- acting, strong, but gentle for your skin.

The principle of this innovative product is based on preventing droplets from spreading viruses and bacteria, and all because Protective Mist creates a suspension in the air, which eventually falls on objects from the environment. A unique under-pressure formula helps to keep all ingredients active, having no contact with air and light. anti viruses

viruses coronavirus Protective Mist is extremely effective in the fight against viruses and bacteria, and it it not as harmful to humans as most bactericides available on the market. Therefore, it can be used on the skin and sprayed in the air without fear or side effects.

Protective Mist can be used to clean surfaces and skin, to disinfect clothes, fabrics and other common items. The product can be used for a long time depending on your needs. Especially in an emergency and in public places. clothes

tested ProtectiveMist is covered by a patent application, it is laboratory and dermatologically tested.
The product is a Polish invention made exclusively from components of European origin.

capacites personal proffesional

Available Capacity:

100 ml in aerosol can for personal use.

5000ml in container for professional use.